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At the heart of Leadership lies the ability to Mentor

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Mentoring is the easiest route to invest in the future of your Organization

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Mentoring is paying it forward in the Organization

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Enhance the employee effectiveness by deploying a powerful, secured and a collaborative mentoring platform thereby bringing experienced mentors from your organization to mentor employees, to accelerate productivity, and to prepare them for “higher altitude” in the organization to enable them to contribute significantly to the growth of the organization




ViaMentor – a powerful collaborative mentoring platform designed to enhance learning for individuals

Feature Intensive

The platform provides for a Many:Many mentoring. A mentor can mentor many mentee’s and a mentee can have many mentor’s. It allows conventional mentoring by setting up objectives/goals and has ability to support mentee with resources. Provides for ability to have a secured private chat between mentor and mentee

Collaborative Platform

The platform is inclusive and ensures collaboration between different stakeholders and at the same time ensuring privacy between the mentor and mentee

Powerful Engagement Platform

Viamentor is much more than a mentoring platform. When used effectively, it becomes one of the most powerful engagement platform driving employee engagement within the organization

Secured Cloud & Ease of Deployment

The product is deployed on industry leading Cloud platform - AWS and is a true SaaS based product and has separate database instance for each customer thereby ensuring privacy and security of your data. The product can be deployed and put into use in less than a week's time so your business is up and running quickly. This is backed up by excellent support services during the post implementation phase.


The system is built on open standards allowing for future integration with other systems using both pull and push methods.

Feature Snapshot

  • Cobranded Mentoring Platform
  • Your own Mentoring Community
  • Private & Secured Communication
  • Enhance Employee Coaching
  • Powerful, Collaborative tool

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