Intelligence, Prediction and Engagement makes Off2Join a very powerful platform to improve a key metric – Offer acceptance rate. Powered by Data Science / Machine learning.




Off2Join combines the power of Data science & Machine learning to help predict and improve joining ratio of candidates. Based on the prediction, the platform helps you define appropriate strategies to encourage collaboration and engagement between the recruiter and the candidate post the offer stage using data driven touch points.

Data Science

Using Data Science to predict and bring deeper insights into what it would take to convert the candidate. Predlytics team will help prepare and analyse the data needed for modelling. Once the data quality is ascertained then the model is trained, tested before it is deployed.

Real time prediction

Real time prediction is a very distinct and a powerful feature which allows strategies to be put in place for talent acquisition and conversion.

Candidate Engagement And Relationship

The platform uses Industry best practices to enable touch points thru the life cycle of the recruitment process to ensure effective relationship with the candidate during the post offer stage. It enables data driven touch points for a more certain conversion. The system capabilities for engagement includes communication via Whatsapp thereby making it very powerful and easy to use.

Secured Cloud & Ease of Deployment

The product is deployed on industry leading Cloud platform - AWS and is a true SaaS based product and has separate database instance for each customer thereby ensuring privacy and security of your data. The product can be deployed and put into use in less than a week's time so your business is up and running quickly. This is backed up by excellent support services during the post implementation phase.


The system is built on open standards allowing integration with other systems using both pull and push methods.

Feature Snapshot

  • SaaS Platform
  • Deployed AWS
  • Separate DB Instance for every customer
  • Modular – Prediction and/or Engagement can be used
  • Machine Learning integrated for real time prediction

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