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Bringing the power of Data, Tools, Processes to help improve Offer Acceptance Rate

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redlytics' vision is to apply data science to achieve successful business outcomes in different industry verticals.

Predlytics infuses Data Science and Machine learning models seamlessly with a modern web-based platform to bring the power of predictive analytics in different industry verticals to aid in decision making.

The industry vertical where we are focused on is Talent Acquisition. "Joining ratio" is a big problem facing the industry today and that's where we are helping companies improve the conversion ratio by infusing the power of data science with web-based application to create a powerful predictive analytics platform called Off2Join.

Predictive Analytics Platform


The platform infuses the Data science model into the web application platform thereby allowing the user to generate real time predictions seamlessly

Candidate engagement

The platform allows for a easy Ul based interface with the help of Touch points.

The company can define and customize its touch points with the candidate.

The system helps capture the sentiment at each point to track updates which helps the company to understand the status and in decision making.

The system allows for communication with the candidate via email and Whatsapp.

Dashboard and Metrics

The system provides deep insights and intelligence via dashboards for aiding decision making.

The system provides model statistics to have a deep understanding of how the model is performing.


The system is built on open standards allowing integration with other systems using both pull and push methods.

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